Azotis range

Check leakage of your equipment in all simplicity

ISP AQUITAINE introduce his new range of digital box AZOTIS to measure many measure entities, with adaptable combinations (temperature, pressure, relative humidity, flow, electro-valve control).

Smart, economical, they are specially adapted to sealing measures or controlled gas filling of any peripheral.

They are can be easily transported and quickly set up

Intuitive and easy set up

With their battery and integrated measure chain, they let you measure and record data, and do the data exploitation thanks to the acquisition software (optional).

The HMI allows real time data exploitation.

Customization for your products

We can, adapt your existing products following your needs, for example the range of detectors.


For any estimate or calculation, please contact us.


Centrale AZOTIS CM B-PR05-D1-R

Centrale AZOTIS CM B-PR05-D1-R